About Us

Rapid deployment of new technology is critical to meeting the global challenges facing our Nation. Unfortunately, the Federal Government’s continuing push to reduce spending without sacrificing major capabilities makes meeting this goal increasingly difficult. This is especially true in the Defense arena, heightening the risk to our Warfighters and national security.

The Government has determined that this goal can indeed be achieved by reducing overhead, employing more efficient program management, and setting and meeting more realistic requirements. In the area of acquisition reform, the Congress addressed the issue in 1994 by expanding the use of Other Transaction Authority by the Department of Defense (DoD).

C5 was created to utilize DoD’s Other Transaction Authority to serve as a platform for public/private collaboration, enabling its Members to work with the DoD and certain other Federal agencies in providing research and development of critical technologies that meet and advance the Government’s needs and capabilities to sustain U.S. military supremacy in the C4ISR arena.

C5 is dedicated to its mission of accelerating delivery of technologies to the Warfighter and the field.